ET NH System

ET NH System

The ETIII NH Implant builds on the SA surface technology, producing an implant surface with superior hydrophilicity for enhanced osseointegration.

The ETIII NH Implant System features a nano-hydroxyapatite (NH) surface for more successful, predictable implant healing.

With clinically proven increased success rates and improved bone-to-implant contact (BIC).


  • Submerged type implant with 11 ̊ Morse taper internal hex connection
  • Taper body with optimized screw thread design for superior initial stability
  • NH is a dry implant (not stored in an aqueous solution)
Description of the NH Surface

Description of the NH Surface

NH surface: Nano-hydroxyapatite treated implant surface

  • Bioresorbable Apatite: Bone forms directly to the implant surface as the apatite layer is resorbed during osseointegration
  • Ultra-Thin Nano Coating: 10 nanometers thick
  • Improved BIC: Increased bone to implant contact by 39%
  • Superior Hydrophilicity: 12% increase in platelet adhesion and cell differentiation
  • Shorter Treatment: 30% shorter treatment times due to improved osseointegration rate
Chart of implant sizes (ET NH)

Chart of implant sizes (ET NH)

The ET NH fixture has two types of abutment connections for a simple restorative procedure. A Mini Connection is used for the ∅3.0 and ∅3.5 implants. All other implants (∅4.0, ∅4.5, ∅5.0, ∅6.0 and ∅7.0) use Regular Connections. The Mini Connections are highlighted yellow below. 

In contrast, the Regular Connection can be used with the same abutment for fixtures 4.0 and wider, regardless of the diameter of the abutment. These are highlighted green below.