TS3 Implant


The TS implant system is the most popular implant system used by implantologists worldwide. Distinct with its excellent design, efficient corkscrew thread, self-tapping ability and sustainable primary stability.

The TSIII implant has been developed by Osstem’s R&D team to be the ultimate implant for any case with its carefully thought out design and the simplicity in its use. 

The TSIII design is optimised for high initial stability in any bone density. It’s featured in a vast range of sizes that is perfect for any patient.


  • Morse taper and internal hex connection
  • Platform Switching for preserving bone
  • Manufactured using Grade C4 pure Titanium
  • SA Surface to enhance biological healing
  • Self tapping and aggressive threads
  • Tapered design to provide excellent mechanical stability
SA surface

Description of the SA Surface

SA surface: Sand blasted with alumina and Acid-etched surface

  • Optimal morphology with a combination of craters and micro-pits.
  • Optimal surface roughness (Ra 2.5~3.0µm)
  • Fast cell regeneration: 20% faster than RMB implants
  • Fast bone healing: 20% faster than RMB implants
  • Capable of early loading after 6 weeks of placement
Chart of implant sizes (TSIII)

Chart of implant sizes (TSIII)

The TSIII SA fixture has two types of abutment connections for a simple restorative procedure. A Mini Connection is used for the ∅3.0 and ∅3.5 implants. All other implants (∅4.0, ∅4.5, ∅5.0, ∅6.0 and ∅7.0) use Regular Connections. The Mini Connections are highlighted yellow below. 

In contrast, the Regular Connection can be used with the same abutment for fixtures 4.0 and wider, regardless of the diameter of the abutment. These are highlighted green below. 

TS System Catalogue


To discover an in-depth look about the TSIII System, download the catalogue now.