SSIII SA Implant System

SSIII SA Implant System

SS implants are non-submerged type implants designed for one-stage surgery procedures. 


  • Non-submerged implants based on one-stage surgery with an internal octa and 8°taper connections
  • Optimised apex design, capable of obtaining stable initial stability
  • Powerful self-threading effect using a corkscrew thread design
Description of the SA Surface

Description of the SA Surface

SA surface: Sand blasted with alumina and Acid-etched surface

  • Optimal morphology with a combination of craters and micro-pits.
  • Optimal surface roughness (Ra 2.5~3.0µm)
  • Fast cell regeneration: 20% faster than RMB implants
  • Fast bone healing: 20% faster than RMB implants
  • Capable of early loading after 6 weeks of placement
Chart of implant sizes (SSIII System)

Chart of implant sizes (SSIII System)

The SSIII SA fixture features an internal octa connection, which provides a more secure connection to the abutment and increased structural stability from outer forces.  The Regular Connection is used for implants with a diameter of Ø4.0 & Ø4.5 and a PØ of 4.8 at most, which are highlighted in green.

The Wide Connection is used with a diameter of Ø4.5 and PØ of 4.8 onwards, highlighted in blue.