MS Provisional

MS Provisional

The MS Implant System was especially designed for narrow ridge procedures, with its small, one-piece design that promotes a high rate of success even in the narrowest spaces.

The MS Provisional is designed for immediate provisional prosthetics for partially and completely edentulous patients.


  • Implant neck formed for stable assistance and compensation of divergence.
  • Enables easy manufacturing of provisional prosthetics.
  • Improved initial stability and better bone penetration.
Description of the SA Surface

Description of the SA Surface

SA surface: Sand blasted with alumina oxide and Acid-etched surface

  • Optimal morphology with a combination of craters and micro-pits.
  • Optimal surface roughness (Ra 2.5~3.0µm)
  • Fast cell regeneration: 20% faster than RMB implants
  • Fast bone healing: 20% faster than RMB implants
  • Capable of early loading after 6 weeks of placement
Chart of implant sizes (MS Provisional)

Chart of implant sizes (MS Provisional)

The MS Implant system features a one-body designed for convenient prosthesis planning & fabrication. 

MS Provisional can be used for the placement of temporary prosthesis. The system enables an easy manufacturing of provisional prosthetics with its titanium provisional cap and lab analog.

MS Provisional Catalogue


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