T1 CBCT Clinically Clear Imagery

With advancements in digital dentistry, the T1 CBCT allows for more accurate diagnosis and pre-operation simulation. Providing assurance to patients about their treatment journey and precision for dentists digitally.


  • Wide FOV (Field Of View) display for improved diagnosis, up to 15X9
  • Intuitive GUI for selecting scanning modes & patient settings
  • Clear imagery with the T1’s Varian sensor

OneClinic 3D

3D software optimised for planning implant treatments. Including simulated implant placement, nerve & bone density tracking functions.

OneClinic 3D

Diverse Scanning Capabilities

Features Panorama, Cephalo along with its Cone-Beam 3D scanning for convenient diagnosis to fit all cases.

Diverse Scanning Capabilities

Functional Design

The T1 CBCT includes a vast array of in-built functions designed to create a comfortable & clinical user journey.

Featuring patient alignment lasers, status identifiying mood lights & voice support.

Functional Design
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T1 CBCT catalogue


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